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"Extract a single file from ISO image" - Mehmet Uluer - (2006-07-26 16:29:49)   [11358]

generate a list of files to browse through:

muluer ~# isoinfo -J -f -i /path/to/your.iso > filelist.txt

then grab your file name/path from the list.

then extract it:

muluer ~# isoinfo -J -i /path/to/your.iso -x /file/from/the/filelist > newfilename


muluer ~# isoinfo -J -i /isoyap/yeni/32bit/iso/sles/SLES-9-i386-RC5-CD2.iso -x /suse/i586/udev-021-36.32.i586.rpm > udev-021-36.32.i586.rpm

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