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"Disabling the Selinux" - Metin KAYA - (2007-05-13 01:48:55)   [8888]

Selinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) does not let most of the network applications (httpd, apache, etc.) work properly, so it must be disabled. To disable Selinux for current session immediately, type this command:

# setenforce 0

To enable it again, this command is enough:

# setenforce 1

To see the status of Selinux (Disabled/Enabled), prompt that:

# getenforce

If you wonna disable Selinux permanently, you can do one of these:
- Depending on your boot loader, add \"selinux=0\" line into the \"/etc/grub.conf\" or \"/etc/lilo.conf\".

- Change \"SELINUX=enabled\" line, which is in the \"/etc/selinux/config\" file (\"/etc/sysconfig/selinux\" file is linked to this file), into \"SELINUX=disabled\".

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