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"Maildirsize problem" - Metin KAYA - (2008-01-22 00:08:46)   [9547]

When a user's quota is changed via vpopmail, then there may be some problems about quota such as less or more maildirsize, old quota, etc. This problem is qmail based that qmail does not support maildir++. Thus, vpopma's maildir++ patch must be applied to qmail. Here the steps:

1- Download qmail tarball.
2- Get qmail-maildir++.patch from vpopmail tarball (it's placed under vpopmail-VERSION/contrib directory).
3- Copy qmail-maildir++.patch to qmail source code directory, and issue this command "patch -p0 < qmail-maildir++.patch" to apply the patch.
4- Give "make setup check" command in qmail source code directory and copy qmail-pop3d binary to /var/qmail/bin directory (it's recommended to back up the original /var/qmail/bin/qmail-pop3d).
5- Set owner and permissions of new qmail-pop3d:

[metin@enderunix]# chmod 755 /var/qmail/bin/qmail-pop3d
[metin@enderunix]# chown -R root:qmail /var/qmail/bin/qmail-pop3d
[metin@enderunix]# svc -k /service/qmail-pop3ds

"svstat /service/*" makes you see qmail-pop3d has just started to run.

All mentioned things above only and only affect qmail-pop3d. To be sure that pop3 runs regularly, perform a pop3 test via telnet:

[metin@enderunix]# telnet IP 110
user user_name@password
pass password
retr email_num(such as 1, 2)

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